Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New   Now and again, we have people come in to us with old photographs, albums, negatives, which they would like restored. We always endeavour to bring these precious memories back to life as best we can. … Continued

Lazy, hazy Summer days…. and evenings

The lazy, hazy days of Summer are upon us and everywhere we look there are glorious colours, not least the stunning carpets of bluebells that are transforming our woodlands at the moment.   What better way to spend time with … Continued

Tough decisions made easy!

It’s so difficult to make a decision, isn’t it? You’re sitting in front of the screen, looking at a selection of great pictures and you just can’t seem to narrow it down. You want them all!  The solution? A Wall Album. … Continued

Lost and found

What would you do if you saw an old photograph lying in the street? Step over it? Pick it up? What if you pick it up, what do you do with it then?   Well, when Fiona saw a photograph … Continued

Hang In There!

So you put great thought in to what you’d wear, made sure the colours co-ordinated, bribed the kids to be on their best behaviour!  You came to the studio for the photo-shoot, and back again to view your pictures, taking … Continued

All too often, we lose confidence about where and how to hang pictures.  In our mind’s eye we see the happy, smiling family portrait taking pride of place, admired by all who call to see us.  But, in reality, we … Continued

  The thing to remember is that a Family Portrait is a moment in time – and it should be seen every day, a gentle reminder of the people who are most precious to you, something that will bring a … Continued

    Whatever you do, don’t leave it in it’s bubble-wrap jacket, unseen, with no-one to appreciate it’s beauty and uniqueness. So if you do decide to put it in the good Sitting Room, try and visit it at least … Continued

                Hannah’s First Portrait   Baby Hannah came to us for her first portrait session with her Mum & Dad, Granny and Godmother Norah.  Have a look at the gorgeous pictures taken here … Continued