Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New


Now and again, we have people come in to us with old photographs, albums, negatives, which they would like restored. We always endeavour to bring these precious memories back to life as best we can.

Recently, a client brought in her wedding album, which had suffered the effects of damp and had started to fall apart. She and her husband had married in 1966 and wanted us to renovate the album in this Golden Anniversary year of her marriage. Now widowed, the photographs are more precious than ever, so it was important to show them in the best possible way and create an heirloom which can be passed on to future generations.

The original album consisted of just thirteen pictures, with a selection of cards and Telegrams (remember those?) tucked into a folder in the back. Having sourced an album that wouldn’t look too modern, we set about placing the precious contents of the old album in to the pages of the new one. Each picture, Telegram and card now has a page of it’s own, each mounted on enhancing backgrounds and each separated by archival, acid free tissue interleaving.

Our client collected her new/old album last week and was absolutely thrilled with the result. It has already been taken to a family reunion where her Bridesmaid was able to see it. And, of course, her grown up children are delighted that this precious piece of family history has been restored and saved for generations to come.




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