Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Protocols

We take our safety and the safety of our clients very seriously and, prior to re-opening, we put together a document outlining the protocols we have put in place.


Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Policy

The studio is operating a closed door policy. A doorbell has been installed for those visiting the studio for appointments or those delivering.

Prior to appointments, clients are sent an email outlining requirements eg; mask wearing etc

Staff are wearing face masks and/or visors.

A sanitisation station is in situ at the front desk.

Visitors & clients are asked to sanitise their hands upon arrival.

Names and telephone numbers are recorded in the book on the front desk for contact tracing purposes.

The doorbell and door handles are wiped with wipes before anyone else can touch them.

Clients are taken upstairs and straight to the camera room or viewing room where possible. Those who need a few minutes to prepare (those with babies/young children) can use the waiting room.

Clients are discouraged from bringing changes of clothes in order to minimise transmission.

Washable cloths are used to cover seats & props in the camera room and one set is used per shoot before being washed.

Parents of babies and newborns are asked to bring their own blanket for the basinett.

All soft toys have been removed – only washable toy blocks are in use. Parents are asked to bring a favourite toy if required.

Social distancing is being adhered to where possible.

When photo sessions/ viewing sessions are finished, clients are brought back downstairs.

When paying by card, the card machine is wiped prior to, and after, use.

After the clients leave, the door handles are wiped again and a full wipe-down of the studio takes place (door handles, bannisters, newell posts etc and any other surfaces that may have been touched).

Wipes are disposed of in a plastic bag which is double bagged and disposed of in the main bin.

Appointments are being spaced well apart to allow for cleaning in between.

The bathroom is cleaned after every use. Disposable towels are in use and a bin provided for used towels.

In the Staff area:

Desks and chairs are wiped down twice daily, as are keyboards.

Telephone handsets are wiped down regularly.

Regular cleaning of doors and door handles takes place.