Home for the Summer

It’s always great to see people coming home for the Summer Holidays.  Fiona has been a client for many years and visits Roscrea regularly from her new home in Co Armagh.  This year, she asked us to take some casual pictures of her children in Roscrea’s historic Castle Gardens as a surprise birthday present for their Dad.

Arch 1 Arch 2












As you can see, Tim and Ellen had great fun messing around!

Ellen run








Ellen decided enough was enough at one stage and did a runner.

Tim run








While Tim just enjoyed showing off his athleticism.









After the photo shoot, we went in to the Roscrea Heritage Society Tower to view the World War 1 exhibition.  Fiona and her sister are currently working on their Family Tree and the exhibition was of particular interest as their Grandfather, George Nixon, and his five brothers, all fought in WW1.  Two of the brothers, Adam and James, were killed in action – one in Gallipoli and the other in Belgium.  The remaining four came home uninjured and settled in Birr and Roscrea.

RHS Window








And this is the picture for Dad’s birthday – we have been photographing Tim and Ellen since they were each two days old.  It’s great to see clients coming back again and again for portraits.



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