If I Fall, Catch The Camera!

Did you ever say to yourself ‘I must write all these stories down’? Stories that make you smile. Stories that bring back a memory. Stories that you would otherwise forget.

Over the years, Brian has photographed hundreds, even thousands, of weddings, each unique and many with a tale attached. We lost count of the many times we said ‘we must write these down’.

Well, Fiona had assisted Brian at many weddings and, this year, that’s exactly what she did! She got to work, going through wedding files to jog memories of anecdotes, making notes and putting the stories together to create a book. She enlisted the help of an artist friend, Charlie Leeke, to add some illustrations and before she knew it a book had been created.

Last Sunday, at a surprise Afternoon Tea for Brian, the book was unveiled. What a treat it was for Brian, Theresa and their family to read through the many memories held in those pages, enjoy the fantastic illustrations and reminisce about all the great days at various weddings around the country.

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