Loughlin’s First Portrait Session




Messing around with the Moylans

Sound Asleep and Safe in the Arms of Mammy and Daddy














At one week old little Barry King already knows the best places to have forty winks and we were delighted to be able to capture this treasured moment. No gimmicks, no flower pots, no baskets or funny hats – just an honest portrait showing the special connection between parents and their newborn.
This evocative black and white image will become a treasure in their home and Barry will forever be aware just how special he is.
To have a portrait like this just call us on 0505 21936 and book your appointment.

And from someone so new to someone a little older….


Haslam before for web













This man left Ireland over 100 years ago to try his luck at prospecting and exploration.

While the photograph has survived it was in pretty poor condition.

And that’s where we came in. Here at Redmonds of Roscrea we have a wealth

of experience in restoring old and damaged photographs

and we always enjoy a challenge!

Below is the finished, restored photograph. With a little tweaking we managed to

breathe some life into it, and now some details which were lost are visible again.

Notice the camp fire behind him and the canvas tent supported by thin poles cut from the woods behind him. You can even see his pots and pans on the bottom right!

A treasure from the past restored for the future.

Bring in your treasured picture and we’ll give you a free estimate for restoration.

Haslam 1 for web

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