From archives to walls…

Can you imagine what over forty years worth of files look like?  Thousands of negatives – weddings, first communions and confirmations, newborn babies, siblings, grandparents, commercial shoots, scenery.

Now imagine that someone rings up and asks for a picture to be printed from a wedding in 1980!! With a few vital details from the client, we were able to locate the negatives from her wedding in a very short time, the print was made and framed and is now hanging proudly in her home.

This got us thinking – how many people out there have been meaning to get reprints from their photoshoot, and just never got around to it?  Most of us are spending lots of time at home, spring cleaning, looking through drawers that remain unopened from one end of the year to the next.

Now is the ideal time to order that wall portrait from your wedding, to buy Granny the framed picture from your recent studio shoot to give her when lockdown ends ( along with a big hug), and to have that battered old photograph of your Great Grandparents restored and preserved for future generations.

We are still here, as we have been for over forty years, and we would love to hear from you and put some of your great memories into print to hang proudly in your home.

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