Wedding Archives

1976 – 2019

(including the Terry Redmond Archive 1960 onwards)

If your wedding photography was by Redmonds of Roscrea, your precious pictures are safe with us. Our archives go back to our very first wedding in 1976 – that’s 43 years of archives!

In October 2019, Brian and Theresa shot their last wedding in order to concentrate on the ever-growing portrait and restoration market.

If you are still planning to get that favourite wedding picture framed for the wall, don’t fret!  Just give us a call and we will have your precious memory in your home, in it’s rightful place, for all to see and admire.

We are also custodians of The Terry Redmond Collection, which dates from 1960 and is available for reprints. Terry was Brian’s father and was a photographer in Portlaoise.