Roscrea Matters

Did you see the recent edition of Tipperary Matters on Irish TV?  Roscrea was the main feature and the focus was on Damer House and Roscrea Castle, where the pupils of the Convent of the Sacred Heart Primary School were having their lessons for the day. They also had a chess tournament in the Great Hall, held a concert on the staircase of Damer House, had acting lessons and attended various workshops.  It is hugely important to have a sense of belonging in your home town and the children went away that day knowing so much more about Roscrea’s heritage than before.  Here is the link to the programme and this is the town portrait that I talked about in my interview.  As you can see, the parapet that I stood on to take the Portrait of Roscrea is very high – a bit nerve wracking but the end result is worth it as you can see here where 525 townspeople are gathered in one place!

Roscrea Matters on TV

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